San Antonio Organic Pest ControlEver thought of a natural method of eradicating pest which is risk-free? Want to create a stable balance of organism that exist in your yard using products that are bio-degradable? Or could it be you are having plans of naturally regulating the population of pest in a diverse ecosystem? Why don’t you try organic pest control? Natural pest control should not surprise you as it is a safe way of combating pest and their effects.

There are different natural pest control methods, depending on the impact that results from the effects of various pest.

If you are not familiar with natural pest control, read on to discover Top 5 rated methods of Organic Pest Control!

  1. a) Spinosad:

It is a bacterium that is soil-based and comes in liquid or dust form. Spinosad is a result of a fermentation process.If ingested it eliminates pest within 48 hours.Pest controlled using spinosad include borers, caterpillars, and fruit flies

  1. b) Pyrethrin:

It is a botanical insecticide that is an extract of chrysanthemum plant flowers.There are two types of Pyrethrins which are more efficient. They include.

  • Pyrethrin-I
  • Pyrethrin-IIPyrethrin

It controls pest through contact hence a contact poisons .These four compounds facilitate how pyrethrin works are Cinerin I and II together with Jasmolin I and II.

  1. c) Neem oil:

Neem oil is an extract of an Asian tree. Inhabiting the life cycle of pest such as insects makes it a good organic method of pest control. Azadirachtin is the active ingredient it affects how insects feed and reduces their growth rate. Pest controlled by neem oil include Mexican bean beetle and Squash bugs.

  1. d) Diatomaceous earth:

A powered that is the main component is fossilized diatoms also a portion of algae group. It typically kills pest through contact and dehydrating them within a period of two weeks. Pest controlled using diatomaceous earth include indoor bugs, cutworms and slug.

  1. e) Trap cropping:

Some crops attract pest hence using this concept you can attract pest eliminate them. This idea gives the plant that you want to obtain good yields from to survive well and have good yields.

Now make the best decision on which method to use to control organically pest from the above Top 5 rated methods of Organic Pest Control. With organic pest control count, your desires catered!




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